In the modern workplace, dependence on technology has continued to grow as more sophisticated systems proceed to develop and improve. While we offer many commercial lending solutions for used equipment (like logging equipment, or tow trucks), we understand that with technology, the latest, and highest-performing hardware and software is incredibly important in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

Hardware is the more traditionally considered when talking about technology financing. Just like with any other equipment, these are hard assets that are more tangible to traditional lenders like:

You may be able to find assistance from traditional commercial lenders for hardware, but often times, banks will not assist with the other part of the equation: software. Software is more intangible, but we know that no matter how advanced your hardware is, it’s nothing without software. That’s why we offer software financing along with our other commercial lending packages. We know that speed is a factor when looking to upgrade software to keep up with technological changes in your business. With software financing, your barrier to entry is lower due to lower upfront costs, allowing you to make budgeting decisions that won’t interfere as much with other important items, like working capital, and other expenditures.

Due to our experience, we are also aware of other soft costs associated with software that we can easily bundle into your monthly payments. Associated services? Maintenance? No problem. We can talk you through your options to make sure that you find a technology financing solution that works for you.

No matter your technological needs, we would welcome a chance to talk about your business and how we may be able to help. Whether you are a newer business looking to get started with the technology you need to hit the ground running, or an established business looking to upgrade your technological infrastructure, we’re ready to assist.